Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Routes Kilimanjaro is a Tanzanian finest safari company which will lead you to the East African finest destinations.

Routes Kilimanjaro is a registered tour company in Tanzania, our company was established in year 2011 out of love to our country Tanzania and the beauty of entire East Africa.
We are proud to be the fast growing tour company in the region and always happy to serve you better during your visit in the country.

We welcome you to Explore the New Routes in East Africa.

Our company is amongst of the experienced and cost effective companies in the region.

Please visit our website www.routeskilimanjaro.com for more details and itineraries.


Customize your safari by a day to day itinerary based to accommodation category, budget and your time frame.

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  1. Routes Kilimanjaro is attending the Swahili International Tourism Expo in Dar es salaam, please visit us at our stand number C39 or at Bougainvillea Lodges stand number C41. You will meet Emmanuel for further information.

  2. 4th/10/2014 was end of Swahili International Tourism Expo held at Mlimani City Hall Dar es salaam Tanzania. We do appreciate for the good organization of the event.
    Congratulation Tanzania Tourist Board and Pure Grit South Africa.

  3. We have re-done our website please visit our www.routeskilimanjaro.com to see the new look and see plenty of our new game packages on offer.
    The French version is coming soon on live.

  4. Eddie group just returned from the wildlife safari preceded by a challenging trek to Kilimanjaro via Machame Route.

  5. The Wildebeest migration is now around the Kogatende and Mara plains roaming around the two famous reserves Kenyan Maasai Mara and Serengeti in Tanzania.
    Follow us to search for the Serengeti migration.

    Like many of our partners in East & Southern Africa we are feeling the effects from the global fear of travel both to Africa but also elsewhere. There is little doubt that our regions have been more greatly affected and as such we wish to articulate our position on this issue.
    At this time there are no confirmed cases of Ebola in any of our operating countries(Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda) and, in addition to that, we remain further from the ‘hot zone’ than many of our potential guest’s homes with many more borders to cross. The major regional airline, Kenya Airways, suspended all flights to / from West-Africa back in August at the request of the Kenyan Ministry of Health, and entry has been suspended for passengers travelling from and through Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone (excluding health professionals. Both Kenya and Tanzania have taken increased observation action at international airports which have been tested (with what turned out to be non-Ebola related medical emergencies).
    Despite the good news this week from Nigeria, the first country bordering the troubled region to have effectively eradicated the virus, and from WHO that the disease will be cured 100% in next three weeks to come, we remain determined and alert to the potential risk. We recognise its serious nature and the reasons that, thanks mainly to poor reporting, the travelling public has become cautious about leaving home. We know that the virus will be defeated but see it as a priority to assist where we can to ensure this does not decimate a travel industry and the associated conservation work, jobs and livelihoods through supporting our partners selling to the concerned public around the globe. We all have too much invested to underestimate the challenge we collectively face.

    We seek to do this through transparent and regular (when required) communications and presentation of excellent value so that price at least cannot be a reason not to visit the region (please see Routes Kilimanjaro Special offers). Additionally, we will be adjusting our cancellation policy for travel with Routes Kilimanjaro in the event that there is an outbreak (as defined by WHO*) of the Ebola Virus in Kenya or Tanzania. This will be as follows:
    Routes Kilimanjaro will guarantee that all cancellation charges that relate to Routes Kilimanjaro Adventures product and other 1st party services will be waived up until 24 hours before arrival except for the 3rd part products. This will be applicable to all existing and future bookings.
    There are 3 possible options for maximum flexibility and coverage of that financial risk:
    1. Guests with travel insurance should claim first and provide all documentation to Routes Kilimanjaro who will refund the difference between safari cost and claim payment less the international transfer costs
    2. Alternatively guests will have the option should the Ebola Virus reach our region to move the safari to a future period (before December 2016) without financial penalty to agent or traveller**. You can be
    assured of our usual and increased flexibility where possible to make things work for those that do wish to travel.
    3. Guests purchase comprehensive insurance allowing the cancelation of travel for any reason.

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    • Routes Kilimanjaro is working hard to make sure key 3rd party partners align themselves with this commitment. In the unlikely event that they do not wish to participate then that cost or a proportion of it would have to be deducted from any refund or, in the case of a delayed journey, it would be added (annual % rise). In each case we would discuss this with trade partners before enforcing and make every attempt to limit this to zero.
    As of today, in both Kenya and Tanzania, the health risk situation is as it was before Ebola surfaced with perhaps the added benefit that we and the medical community are all sharper for it. All our staff and partners are 100% comfortable that the virus, as it stands, is no reason not to visit east Africa and that if your client’s do they will be assured of an even warmer African greeting, if that is even possible.
    Thank you for your support thus far and a firm commitment that you have ours as together we work our way through these unprecedented times.

    All the best,

    Routes Kilimanjaro Adventures.

  10. Thanks God Tanzania is a Ebola free country.